SFL Madden 16 S03 Wk01 – TEN 21 MIA 26 Highlights

SFL AP – Last season’s #2 D  in points allowed came back with a vengeance to start the season. The Dolphins  roster saw very little change but the minor additions seem to be making an instant impact.

Rookie  LB. Cooper collected 3 interceptions on his first SFL game while CB. Heyward (acquired from Packers) debuted with 2 interceptions for the  Dolphins.

The Dolphins D  was dominant throughout the game while the offense played a subpar game considering the Defense continuously put them in great field position. The  Titans defense kept the offense from the endzone at the 1 yard line in 4 different drives.

Star Wideout Calvin Johnson Jr. collected 4-5 dropped passes in the game while Titan QB. Gray is out 7 weeks due to a broken collarbone.

Madden 25 Gameplay: Connected Franchise Mobile QB

SFL Sports – Someone at evilsourcegaming.com has their hand on a copy of Madden 25 and is showing gameplay for a mobile QB in Connected Franchise.
It’s worth a look, as the video shows the basic dynamics and physics of the game. Personally, a big smile came to my face when I saw a couple of Mendenhall’s runs where he broke tackles and gained extra yardage instead of what it was accustomed on madden 13.

Just a month away guys.