Madden 25 Demo is out!!!

SFL Sports – The demo we have all been patiently waiting for has been out for quite a few hours. Some of you still need to get home to get your hands on your first taste of this year’s madden.
However, I’d like for those that have been playing it for a couple of hours to please reply to this post and comment on your 1st impressions regarding this demo.

Madden 25 Main Menu

SFL Sports – Get a glimpse of the menu layout for madden 25. Also see some screenshots from this video and other videos.

Some screenshots:

Madden 25 Connected Franchise Menu Screen

Madden 25 Play Menu Screen

Madden 25 Share Menu Screen

Madden 25 Customize Menu Screen

Madden 25 Home Screen Menu

Madden 25 Clutch Players List

SFL Sports – Check out the full list! In an interview with Joystig.com team EA Tiburon’s Donny Moore, stated that the only new addition to the players with the “Clutch Trait” is Ravens QB. Flacco.

  • CB Darrelle Revis (TB)
  • CB Champ Bailey (DEN)
  • FS Eric Weddle (SD)
  • FS Ed Reed (HOU)
  • FS Charles Woodson (OAK)
  • HB Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
  • HB Ray Rice (BAL)
  • HB Frank Gore (SF)
  • HB Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX)
  • K Rob Bironas (TEN)
  • K Adam Vinatieri (IND)
  • K Matt Prater (DEN)
  • LT Joe Thomas (CLE)
  • MLB Patrick Willis (SF)
  • MLB Derrick Johnson (KC)
  • QB Aaron Rodgers (GB)
  • QB Tom Brady (NE)
  • QB Peyton Manning (DEN)
  • QB Drew Brees (NO)
  • QB Joe Flacco (BAL)
  • QB Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
  • QB Eli Manning (NYG)
  • QB Tim Tebow (NE)
  • RE Justin Smith (SF)
  • RE DeMarcus Ware (DAL)
  • RE Jared Allen (MIN)
  • ROLB Clay Matthews (GB)
  • SS Troy Polamalu (PIT)
  • TE Jimmy Graham (NO)
  • TE Antonio Gates (SD)
  • WR Calvin Johnson Jr. (DET)
  • WR Andre Johnson (HOU)
  • WR Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
  • WR Steve Smith (CAR)
  • WR Anquan Boldin (SF)
  • WR Santonio Holmes (NYJ)
  • WR Mario Manningham (SF)

It’s good to keep these names in mind on next madden. If its clutch time you know which player will make that much needed play.

Madden 25 Gameplay: Connected Franchise Mobile QB

SFL Sports – Someone at evilsourcegaming.com has their hand on a copy of Madden 25 and is showing gameplay for a mobile QB in Connected Franchise.
It’s worth a look, as the video shows the basic dynamics and physics of the game. Personally, a big smile came to my face when I saw a couple of Mendenhall’s runs where he broke tackles and gained extra yardage instead of what it was accustomed on madden 13.

Just a month away guys.