1. One of the most important rules in SFL is to meet all the roster requirements.In order to do this, every member must know the following facts.a) Injured players DO NOT count as active players. This means you can go above the maximum # of 53 players on your roster.b) Injured players DO NOT count towards meeting the minium # of players required to have in a certain positiong.IE- Your team roster has a total of 4 Outside LBs(ROLB/LOLB) but one of them is injured and the minimum requirement for this position is 4 active OLBs.

This means you must sign one to meet the requirement of 4 active OLBs since the injured one will not count.

c) Must remove injured players from depth chart rotation.

d) Why must we meet the requirements? The real reason SFL does this is to help avoid game disconnections. It is widely known that rosters are the main cause for games disconnecting, game freezing; etc.

Requirements Chart
Max Number of Active Players Per Team Roster = 53
Minimum Active Players Per Position on Offense
QB=2 HB=3 FB=1 WR=4 TE=2 T=4 G=4 C=2
Minimum Active Players Per Position on Defense
DE=4 DT=3 OLB=4 MLB=2 CB=4 FS=2 SS=2 K=1 P=1
General Settings:
Quarter Length: 7Skill Level: All Pro

Teams: 32(human)

Style: Sim Rules

Transaction/Trade Rules
1. All trades must be posted on the forums under “Trade Wire “. They must be approved by trade committe or myself prior to it being proposed on madden.2. Every team is allowed to sign 1 Free Agent per week, AFTER their game has been played.

3. Do not sign EA created free agents. They will not be allowed in this league.*PS. We may hold a free draft for bad teams at the start of the league.

1. SFL members communicate using Yahoo Messenger. There’s no way around this, if you want in this league, go here and download it.
1. The most important thing to realize here is that we’re all here to have fun.2. Everyone gets hot and heavy every now and then but please act in a professional manner, keep your emotions in check and report guys who are breaking rules to the commissioner or trade committee.3. Play fair and as realistically as possible. Do not use exploits, do not use the same plays over, over and over. Don’t blitz every down, etc.You get the point. Follow the rules and respect your opponents!
1 Missed Game = Warning2 Missed Games = Warning #2

3 Missed Games = Removal

1 Filed Complaint = Warning

2 Filed Complaints = Suspension

3 Filed Complaints = Removal

SFL has been a successful league for a reason. If you don’t follow the rules you will find yourself out of the league.

All complaints must be filed with the commissioner or a member of the trade committee.Please make every attempt possible to provide proof if someone is breaking a rule and always remember to keep your emotions in check. Over-reacting and quitting a game is frowned upon, considered to be a worse offence then breaking any other rule.

Do not quit a game. All suspensions and warning procedures will be thrown out the window. If you quit a game you will be removed, period.

General Gameplay
1. Play a realistic ‘simulations’ style of football game.(a) Mix up your plays!2. Play your games..Attendence Rules: It is extremely important that all those who register fully understand how even one missed game can really affect the league and their opponents. Because it is of the utmost importance that each and every game is played, penalties will incur if an individual misses a scheduled game.3. Gameplay Rules*Added Rules*I. On offense when you call dives/runs designed to go up the middle must be executed in that manner.

This means that you have to run inside. You’re also allowed to bounce off-tackle if need be. But DO NOT sprint towards the sideline on these plays. It is banned.

(A) Counters, stretch, power O runs all can be bounced outside.

(B) Shotgun draws can be taken outside. Some are designed to go off-tackle.

II. Must rush the QB with at least 3 defensive players. It doesn’t matter how this is accomplished as long as at least 3 defensive players are going after the QB at all times.

*Only one exception to this will be when defending against a hailmary pass or a 3rd and 20 situation.
Sorry Nickel Velcro fans. You can’t use it in the redzone anymore.

PS. A player on Spy does not count as rushing the QB.



You can attempt an onside kick anytime in the game, Mike Martz does it in NFL. You

must allow the oppossing team to call an audible or TimeOut.

USE OF FG Defense

FG man or zone D can only be used in 2 point conversions, any other use (ie in 4th and inch situations) is not allowed.


a) You’re not allowed to drop back past 10 yards.


b) Sprinting with the QB right after the snap in any direction that is not FORWARD is BANNED. You’re allowed to look for a WR then scramble from side to side or forward. Running backwards will not be permitted no matter the situation. Pre-design roll out plays are allowed, but becareful on taking advantage of that exception. Its easy to tell when its not a pre-designed roll out play.


Taking control of your WR after a LOB and using him to bump off the CB then accelerate to catch the ball will not be tollerated and is outlawed. This mean you are not allowed to do the half circle/obvious bump off of the CB then run and catch the ball. You can still manually catch the ball.



NFL teams move and adjust often on defense prior to the snap. Movement should be allowed in leagues but with the following guidelines:

No defensive linemen should be manually moved prior to the snap.

(b) Only ONE defensive player is allowed to be moved prior to the snap and if you move a player you’re REQUIRED to control that player until after the QB has hiked the ball.

(c) This means that ONCE YOU MOVE A DEFENDER you’re not allowed to switch to another defender and control him. Once the ball has been snapped you can switch to another defender. Its easy to set up nano’s with moving 2 safeties, so this rule is now only ONE player moved manually before snap.


It is no longer allowed to manually control a defensive lineman that is dropping back into coverage.

Yes you can switch to him if the play goes his way, but it will not be allowed for guys to control the defensive lineman from the get go.



The punting team must let the Punt Returner set before kicking, anybody rushing to the line and hiking so that the punt sailts over the PR head will be suspended.

Fake Punts and Fake FG

You’re allowed one fake punt or field goal per game. But you must be past midfield in order to attempt it.



(a) One word: Manning. Play the colts in this game. He’s all over the place. Audible and formation shifts should be allowed.

(b) Until we find if there are any glitches associated with audible we should not limit this. It’s part of the NFL process right now. Notable is that EA will not let offense snap so fast after audible are called. This is fair and allowed the D to adjust if they feel the need to.


With formation shifts and audibles allowed on offense, the Defense should be allowed to audible and adjust as well. Also, the Defense may feel the need to audible if they feel the play called is not a suitable one for what they expect the offense to do. This is common in the NFL and should be allowed here..


Tons of motion in the NFL. We don’t even need to talk about this.


No huddle should NOT be allowed after a dead ball. A dead ball is where the clock stops as a result of the play, so after running out of bounds or an incomplete pass there is no need to run a hurry up. If the clock is running, no huddle is allowed anytime, its part of football.

Offensive 4th Down Rules :

1st – 3rd Quarter

(a) Must be past your opponent’s 40 yard line.

(b) Be fair and realistic. Must be at least 4th and 5 to attempt it.

(c) If you’re up 14 or more, it must be at least 4th and 1 to attempt it.

(d) If you’re down 14 or more, you can attempt any 4th down past your opponent’s 45 yard line.

4th Quarter

****** When losing you can go for it in any situation, it’s catch up time and the clock is against you. This is only for the losing team. Winning team the above rule still applies


Any package subs will be allowed. You CANNOT manually sub in players at their unnatural positions, the only way this is allowed is if the FORMATION sub packages allow this. For example, I dont want to see Randy Moss MANUALLY subbed at TE unless the Package allows for it..
Running the Playclock..


7 minute Quarters should give anyone more than enough time to mount a comeback. However, the only time you will be allowed to run the clock down will be in the last 3 minutes of each half.

Paused Games…

Everyone has emergencies, they shouldn’t be on a constant basis but you’re allowed to pause the game onceduring the game for no more than 5 minutes. If you’re caught upon a situation that is out of your control, please inform your opponent in order to reach an agreement. Otherwise you must grant them the win if you’re unable to resume the game in a timely manner.

\Loss of connection during a game:

This is a really complicated issue. It will take a lot of patience and agreement between the two parties in order to get the game completed. It is strongly reccomended that all players having issues with disconnections attempt to “DIRECT CONNECT” to play their league game.

To “Direct Connect” to xbox live you basically hook up your xbox360 directly to your modem. There’s no secret that certain players just have issues connecting to other players, the settings on your router is usually the #1 cause for the issue. The easiest way to solve that issue and to avoid it altogether would be to DIRECT Connect.

In any case there has to be a set of guidelines to follow in case of a disconnection.

***Please note that we must be fair and honor all scores during a game*** ***Remember that the #1 goal is to get the game completed instead of having it simmed due to all the injuries which may happen***

1st thru 3rd Quarter:

—–Remember we will be honoring all scores in case of a disconnection. Meaning that you will have to at least honor the score difference between you and your opponent if the game is disconnected.

—–Example: It’s the 2nd Quarter: 3 Mins left: You’re down 21-14 and the game disconnects. At this point since its your 1st attempt you’re still required to attempt to replay a full game. However, you must honor the 7 Point difference to your opponent and grant them a TD lead on the attempt to replay the game.

If the difference was a 2 TD, 3 TD lead for your opponent, then it must be granted! No exceptions!


This will help us avoid accusations of a member disconnecting from the game on purpose.

3rd Quarter:

(A) The above rule will be applied all the way up to 3:00 mins left in the 3rd Quarter. Meaning that you will be required to restart the game if a disconnection happens, honoring the scores just like the above example.

(B) Once 2:59 mins left in the 3rd Quarter arrives the following instructions must be followed.

——-1. If the score difference is 17 pts or more. The win will be awarded to the team in the lead. Whoever is left in the game can quit and count the game.

4th Quarter:

—We are still honoring all scores in this case even though it’ll be a little different.

(A) Rule (B) from the 3rd quarter will still be applied in cases of 17 pt differences.

(B) In a close game you’ve got several options that you can take.

——1. You can choose to restart the game using the score honoring system.

——2. You can replay 1 quarter and add up the scores. Then disconnect and allow the winning player to complete the game.

—————–Note: Winning player should not run up the score on the cpu.

——3. Call it a game and allow the player remaining in the game to quit and count the game.

Extreme cases

—These are cases where it appears impossible to complete a game. No matter what you’ve attempted, the game just disconnects.

(A) Please keep track and add up the scores of 4 quarters and the winning team gets to finish up vs the cpu. Again without running up the score on the cpu.

**It is important to have users complete games in order to avoid silly simmed injuries, and have the correct team get the win***
No Glitches OR abuse of exploits

Remember we are a straight madden league. We dont want any glitches or continued ai abuse in this league. If this is enough info for you, you can stop reading. If you want more details feel free to read on
Since The SFL only recruits and retains top-quality players, it is to be assumed that some sportsmanlike judgment calls will need to be made regarding disconnection problems that take place very late in a game. In other words, if a team is losing by 10 points with under two minutes to go and is on defense when the game cuts out, it may be agreed upon that in this particular situation, the game should legitimately be called “final” and therefore not have to replay the full quarter.

Disconnecting During Gameplay: Purposely disconnecting during a matchup will not be tolerated. Anyone found to have disconnected out of poor sportsmanship is subject to immediate dismissal from the league. It is understandable if your connection is lost (it happens to all of us on occasion), but disconnecting because you are losing is an act of poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated. All disconnections will be investigated by the league.
If you register to join this league, you are indicating that you have read the above and agree to comply with all the rules, guidelines, and values this league holds. If this is true, and you are ready to face some of the stiffest competition available, then contact the leagues administrators.

Rules are subject to change depending on members request and season issues