SFL Season 1 Week 4 – Undefeated Teams

SFL AP – The league is 3 weeks into Madden 18. Only 7 Teams remain undefeated all at 3-0.

Which team will fall off this week? Let’s look at the match ups.

(Kemosabi)  vs  (Conley)

  • The Bills come in at (1-2) while one of the always favorites to win it all Falcons(conley) comes in at (3-0). Defense and Run game continues to be the name of the game for Conley and he should remain undefeated.

(Rod)  vs  (Buddha)

  • Rod’s Giants are (3-0) while Buddha’s Bucs are free falling to (0-3). The Bucs will continue that free fall this week as the Giants Defense has shown to be top of the league so far this madden. Final Score: 21-10.

(Halo)  vs  (Goat)

  • Another set of teams heading in completely opposite directions. The Jets are trying to rebuild on the fly with QB. Sudfeld while the Jaguars’ deal for Bridgewater has them at (3-0). Look for the Jaguars to pounce on the Jets 28-3.

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