Madden 15 League Start Timeline

Madden 15’s release is upon us and it’s that time of the year again.Welcome back SFL Members! It has to be said even though a large % of you could not stay away and remained engaged in our league’s GroupMe chat. To those that did indeed take a break from our insanity, welcome back and it’s time to hit the ground running. 


First and foremost; what has changed or will change for SFL this upcoming Madden?
  1. Our main form of communication is changing. Yahoo Messenger has been eliminated and will not be used any longer to schedule games.
  • GroupME and XboxOne Smart glass are required for all members.  Both applications provide more stable and instant access to opponents.

  1. GroupMe has a group chat where everyone can see what you post. Trash talking will be a norm, but please know where to draw the line. 
  • Nonsense in the GroupMe chat will be heavily punished. 
  • All complaints need to be talked privately with commissioners. 
  • Branding players as cheats will not tolerated, this creates animosity towards players and others over-react to simple plays. Don’t be quick to judge. 
Here are some rule changes:
  1. All games will be required to be on a stream. Twitch account must be provided to the Commissioner.
  2. Rules: To minimize some unrealistic trades and at least see normal rosters in the 1st season. Teams will have *Franchise tagged* players that will not be trade-able pieces in season 1.
  3. Rules: Banned plays list will be cleared.  If you think a play is a glitch, report it to the commissioner to have it analyzed.
Kick-Off Timeline
 Please note that the timeline could change. The league will not commence unless we’re able to find a suitable roster that is acceptably updated with transactions.

  1. To-Do-List Before Franchise Creation
    >Find Suitable Roster.
    >Player Position Changes. (A link will be posted HERE where you can post player position changes on our forums)
    >Free Agent Draft for Lower Tier Teams (could be moved to Pre-Season Wk01)
  2. Franchise Creation (Friday Evening)
    >Friday, Aug. 29. (Date could change if a suitable roster isn’t available)
    >Begin Claiming Teams.
  3. Pre-Season Schedule
    >Advance Daily at 9 PM Est
    >Play games vs user? Answer: Optional
    >Play games vs cpu? Answer: Not Allowed
    >*Please note if all league members complete their weekly activities we can advance earlier. All MUST complete it.*
  4. Season Opener
    > Official Date:TBA
    a) Free Agency? Answer: 1 FA signing per week after game is played.
    b) When does Free Agency Open for all teams? Answer: Week 01.
    c) How long between advances? Answer: 3 days or 3 nights
Some wish to wait until EA updates the roster. All that can be said is that the roster used will be fairly close to whatever EA ends up putting out a week later.

Please get familiar with the Connected Career system. Some big changes have occurred to the weekly team activities.