SFL – Madden 16 Team – Top Options

Visit our forums and post.

Visit our forums and post your top 5 options with your gamertag and groupme nickname.

Hello SFL,

As usual, every year towards the end of each madden cycle we start up a thread and begin rounding up the teams for the upcoming madden. This time, we will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of madden 16.

Please list your top 5 choices and gamertag for the upcoming madden. At the moment, the only teams off limits are the following:


Please reply with a list of your top 5 choices for next madden and do not list the same team twice.

Here’s the link to our thread in the forums.


Here’s where the team reservations will be posted. No official timeline has been decided. Teams will be announced as we move forward closer to madden 16.



Stream All Games

AP – Please take note. All games are required to be streamed. If connections reasons arise then it can be understood. However, members must put forth the effort to resolve their streaming issues.

It is also required for broadcasts to be “Archived” in twitch. This can be done by visiting twitch.com and going to your profile settings. Click the checkbox for “archive broadcasts”. Doing this will archive your broadcasts for at least 3-4 days.

Off To A Fire Start

AP – The AFC West was shaking when the appointment of Coach Conley was announced. As expected, Conley has got that the Bolts firing off like a well-oiled machine to start off their madden 15 campaign at (5-0).

Over on the other side. The Green Bay Packers could be a surprise to some but others stopped sleeping on Coach Suspect long ago. Despite a fairly lackluster season statistically so far on offense, its defense is forcing turnovers by the bunches. Look out if Rodgers gets it together. GB is (4-1).