SFL – Madden 18 – Season 2 – A New Blast Off

SFL AP – Season 2 for madden 18 is the commencement of a new face of SFL. There is a lot of familiarity, a refreshing blast from the past rejoins our lines while a group of new faces work to get acclimated to the SFL family.

Altogether it is an exciting time to be in the league despite Madden 18 having it’s appalling issues, SFL members/family will continue to strive towards great Sim and continue to set the standard.

The past few seasons, has been the “Drakeshow here in SFL. Dating back to madden 17 Coach Drake has won 3 of the past 4 Superbowls!

However, the competition in the league seems to have made a steady healthy jump from last season to this one despite seeing one of our prominent Vets step down. Season 1 playoffs gave us a sneak peak at the prospects the influx of new and a familiar face will give to the competitive nature of the league.

The new faces are no pushovers. Broncos, Vikes, Jets, Panthers, Chargers have all played exceptionally well so far. However, it is clear they still need time to continue to adjust their game to the league‘s guidelines. SFL’s front office holds great hope that they’re able to cement their place in the league.

The other two players joining, rejoining SFL are Bills (Teddy) and Packers (koolaid). Coach Teddy has had some very good runs in SFL and has reached the SB 3 times, but has yet to finish the job. On the other side, Coach Koolaidguru is said to also be an exceptional player in other CFMs.

The influx has been great adding to an already great core here at SFL. The competition is certain to bring some memorable match ups for season 2.

Will a new Dark Knight Rise? Let’s let time decide. Will it be your time to hang up a banner?