SFL Madden 18 – Season 1 Week 11 – Power Ranks

1.   (Drake | 9-0)
SOS Rating: -85.027

  • The reigning SFL Champ continue to roll with a recent victory vs a familiar nemesis (Falcons|Conley). This means the Patriots have victories over two Coaches who regularly challenge for the SFL SB every season in Chiefs(8-1) Suspect and Falcons(8-2) Conley.

2.  (Mark| 9-0)
SOS Rating: -69.534

  • The Vikes are still waiting to be challenged. Look for Coach Mark to remain undefeated until Week 13 when he faces Conley’s Falcons. The Vikings two DE’s are combined for 28 sacks in 9 games.

3.  (Suspect| 8-1)
SOS Rating: -24.905

  • The big gainer in the power ranks is Coach Suspect. The opening Week 1 loss to the Patriots is a long distant memory as the Chiefs have ran off 8 straight with key victories over the (7-2) Eagles and (8-1) Raiders. Big test this week vs the NFC EAST leading Giants.

4.  (Rod| 8-1)
SOS Rating: -29.297

  • The G-Men boast the #1 Defense in SFL with 4 shutouts so far this season. Their lone loss came at the hands of the Seahawks (7-3) but have bounced back to win 2 in a row. The road for the Giants will get a little more dicey with games remaining against the (8-1) Chiefs, (8-1) Raiders and (7-2) Eagles.

5.  (GmJoe| 8-1)
SOS Rating: -2.022

  • The Raiders dropped from #2 to #5 on the rankings due to their 3 pt performance at home vs divisional rivals. Can the Raiders continue to match the Chiefs on the win column? Oakland gets a chance to show their mettle this week as they face the #1 Ranked team in SFL.

6.  (Conley| 8-2)
SOS Rating: -75.297

  • It is still a bit surprising to see Coach Conley still ranked at #6. Unfortunately, the failure to win vs the Patriots held back any Chiefs’ like jump in the rankings but make no mistake. The Falcons are fully expected to reach at the minimum, the NFC Championship game.

7.  (Halo| 8-1)
SOS Rating: -110.648

  • Halo has the 5th best scoring defense in SFL as the Jaguars have remained largely unchallenged in what has turned out to be a disappointing AFC South division. The remaining schedule for the Jaguars is more than manageable, don’t expect this team to break a sweat on their way to a divisional title and a possible 1st Rd Bye.

8.  (Murk| 7-3)
SOS Rating: -34.824

  • Is it Murk’s time to shine? It seemed like that was the case after a fantastic victory against the #4 Giants a couple of weeks ago. However, 14 sacks later vs the Falcons, Coach Murk should consider himself lucky Russel Wilson is still able to lace those boots and that Ciara isn’t knocking down his door to show that “1-2 step” sidekick.

9.  (Goliath| 6-3)
SOS Rating: 16.239

  • Ravens pummeled the Dolphins a week ago and did enough to win vs the Titans. The favorable remaining schedule will be pinning Flaco vs the Browns for the divisional title.

10.  (Killa| 7-2)
SOS Rating: -25.595

  • Remarkable turnaround for Coach Killa after starting the season 1-2. Philadelphia has won 6 of 7 to put pressure on the G-Men.

Honorable mentions:

11.  (Eight04| 6-3)
SOS Rating: -68.153

  • Defense is collecting interceptions to help them stay afloat.

12.  (Tite| 6-4)
SOS Rating: -37.923

  • Currently involved in a 3-way fight for the NFC West. The team has looked better under Alex Smith.