SFL – M18 S01 – Wildcard RD Review

SFL AP – The League has moved past a wildcard round that saw Halo’s 3rd seeded Jaguars bounced out by the 6th seeded Colts.

Coach Morgan came on SFL around week 5-6 and managed to turn the season around and sneak in with a #6 seed.

In the other AFC wildcard game; the Goaliath’s Ravens were home vs GmJoe’s Oakland Raiders. This was a game where perhaps most saw the Raiders coming in as the clear cut favorites. The game turned out to be a defensive battle where QB. Derek Carr 3 interceptions turned out to be the difference.

On the other side, the NFC showcased its new Vikings Coach Timb Season to a 49ers romping of 48-0. HB. Cook was quoted saying “Catch Me In The Redzone” after rushing for 263 Yards and 2 TDs.

The Eagles ran, ran and then ran some more to win vs an underwhelming Seahawks. It looks like Coach Killa has been watching the Bears play these past few weeks as QB. Michell Trubisky had games with less than 10 passing attempts or completions. The Eagles will need to pass much more as it is stated in SFL rules.

How will the divisional round turn out? We will start to see some heavyweight match ups.