SFL Season 4 – Pre-Season Power Rankings

Check out our power rankings.

# Team Coach Record Comments
1 Mark12 0-0  Sure, this team won the Superbowl but Coach Mark redefines the definition of re-tooling. No one is better at managing a roster and rules have to be created just to keep this GM at bay. Drafted some high potential players but this team will sorely miss players such as Cushing and Antonio Brown.
2 Conley  0-0 Coach Conley won the AFC this past season. However, all it took was a trip to South Beach for his offseason to go down south. Trading a QB who just had a MVP type season has to hurt and speed at CB is still a concern.
3 Teddy  0-0 The dirty bird’s Front Office hit it out of the park this offseason. Matty Ice didnt regress, Julio Jones became the catalyst to revamp the defense by helping land Shazier and Worilds. Free Agency had them land the top CB available and Demarcus Ware to shore up the defensive line. Their only failure was not finding a suitable backup for Freeman who’s known to catch fumblitis when it most matters.
4 Joecamel7  0-0 Coach Tite had a case of dr. jekyll and hyde offseason. It began w/some head scratching cuts and ended up saving face with Safety Wooten.
5 Mrscarfacex  0-0  Coming in 5th on the pre-season ranking is a team who claims will only win 7 games. No more Arian Foster so this team may just crash and burn but 13 wins still seems more likely.
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