SFL S04 – Pre-Season Schedule/FAQ

Questions regarding Pre-season and free agency? View this post to get informed.

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SFL – Once pre-season starts. Please follow the upcoming guidelines.

Pre-Season Week 01

  • The following teams will have first dibs at free agents of any rating.
  • Everyone else can fill depth chart with players rated 64 ovr or below. If no one is available at that attribute then you must sign the lowest available player.

Pre-Season Week 02-remainder of season

  • Teams can sign one free agent of any rating per week.
FA Draft Order
Team # Of players to sign
 Pinnz 2 players
 Bigstickhook 2 players
 Penny726  2 players
 rod  1 players
 dragon  2 player
 6  Myth  2 player

Pre-Season Game Schedule

  • Preseason games are not mandatory. If your opponent wants to play it. Then have a crack at it. If not please don’t act like a child pestering your opponent to play.
  • Watch the stats. Anyone who over does it will have their player suspended for 3+ games on the regular season.
    • IE. If you feel that you have to ask me if a certain threshold is fine for your player then my response is you should go below it. Do not push that line.
  • Injuries will be turned off.
Pre-Season Wk
Every 24- Hrs or 12 Hrs
Ends Friday at 9:30 pm est
Ends Saturday at Noon est
Ends Saturday at 9:30 pm est
Ends Sunday at Noon pm est