SFL S02 M15 – Offseason Schedule (tentative)

SFL – Stay informed. The offseason schedule will be posted here just below. Please do check this same page for any possible changes to that schedule. Keep in mind this is a schedule made with the expectation that the Superbowl will be played at the latest, Friday morning.

Furthermore, scouting will also take place in between these rounds and everyone should have more time to scout after FA Bidding is completed.

Offseason schedule. Click on More to view it.

Resign Stage 1 – ends 24 hrs after Superbowl is played.  Likely tonite(Thursday)



Free Agent Bidding (3 total rounds)

FA RD1 – Starts at 7 pm est (Saturday)

FA RD2 – Starts 8 pm est (Saturday)

FA RD3 – Starts 8:30 pm est (Saturday)



Draft – Starts 8:15 pm  est (Sunday)


Once again, the draft start time is 8:15 pm est. Thanks for your patience.


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