SFL Rules – The Untold Story

AP – This article will focus on interpreting some of the rules and the type of gameplay expected to see from all members in league games.

First off, do not attempt to bend this article to suit your point of view. Everytime an issue is brought up, it goes sideways and ends up in a totally different discussion. What’s commented here after only applies to exactly whats mentioned and nothing else. Got it mark?

There are rules in place that help members mix up their plays such as diminishing the amount of shotgun/pistol runs. But the general feeling I get is that players are circumventing the rules a bit too much and are currently attempting to walk that line of what is deemed acceptable gameplay and are sort of dipping their toes to see if they get a message from SFL’s front office.

It’s understandable that some players will want to run shotgun/pistol heavy offenses but SFL’s just not going to move into that direction just yet. I’m fully aware that even my own real life team(Dolphins), runs this type of offense in real life but Madden has not caught up in terms of defense coding to allow a fair battle to combat those offenses which turn out to be much more powerful than their real life counterparts.

Don’t force the league to create more rules to accommodate your play or you will find yourself out of the league. Don’t call plays just to meet your quota for calling plays under center. I’m seeing this quite often. Ever heard of iform? Not just iform itself, a lot of you do go to iform but go to the cheap variations of it where you line up all your WRs on one side or the WRs are close to the offensive line.  It seems anytime players go away from shotgun/pistol they find themselves on an unbalanced formation such as strips, all WRs on one side or a close formation. Furthermore, the usage of the normal formations is only seen when they need to gain 1/2 yards to get a 1st down or at the goaline. Running 10 times under center on 3rd and 1 or at the goaline does not mean you’re playing up to our standards. If you wish to continue being a part of this league you will need to incorporate normal plays into your offense and your usage of shotgun/pistol needs to go down heavily. This applies to EVERYONE.

Again this gameplay is being used in general by many members of the league. Remember I’ve always stated that I would boot Bellichick and Chip Kelly from this league. Moreover, slow down and allow your opponents to set up their defense. Anytime you see that defense shifting, flipping have the decency to allow them time to organize. I understand in the 4th qrt you need to score fast but unless you’re down several scores or running out of time, you need to continue being a good sport and allow your opponent set up their Defense. I also understand that in the goaline the defense needs to be prepared and not making 200 adjustments.

If you’re involved in a slaughter or being slaughtered yourself. Contribute to the game by running that ball, you do not gain anything from continuing to pass and ending up allowing 100 points in a game.

In summary, do not try to bend the rules to see how much you can get away with and respect your opponent. Decrease usage of pistol/shotgun and it should be down to around 50% of your plays. Don’t attempt to meet your under center quota by simply calling overload plays with all your WRs on one side, close/strips formations, or only going under center when you need the one yard to score/get a first down. Shock me and run a balanced formation under center on first down.

Thanks for reading.

PS. Don’t bend my words. I’m strictly talking about what’s said in this article. This does not apply to anything else.