SFL M15 S03 Wk 14 Power Rankings

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# Team Coach Record Comments
1 Teddy  13-0  The Falcons find themselves with a good opportunity for an undefeated season.Remaining Games:
 (9-3) Goatcheese
 (0-13) Buddha
 (6-7) MemphisSuperman
2 Suspect00  11-2  The Defending Champions. No Aaron Rodgers? No problem, 2-0 since the injury.
3 Conley  11-2  Coach Conley welcomed the arrival of new division rival by bending over and…..
4 Joecamel7  11-2  The Bills remain steady but with upcoming games vs  (10-3),  (11-2). Buffalo will show if they are mere pretenders or the real deal.
5 Markn12  10-3  Last season their run was impaired, destroyed by an injury to their QB but can this team get out from the shadows of their “big brother” Packers?