SFL – AFC Playoffs Race

AP – Season 3 playoffs is approaching fast and the AFC Race is heating up. Mind you the conference is a bit of a let down record wise. But all that means is that there’s 2 spots available for 6 teams and also leaves the potential 12 win team in NFC in tears because it could have made the dance if the team were in the AFC.

Click to see the detailed race and their last 3 opponents.




1. Chargers  (14-2)– Conley will win out despite a tough last 2 games.


2. Bills  (13-3) – Bills will win 2 out of 3 to close.


3. Texans  (11-5) – The Texans will continue to stumble into the playoffs.


4. Ravens  (9-7) – Feroz completes the comeback and claims the division via div. record.


5. Bengals  (9-7) – Elbizzy wins vs the Colts and gets 9 wins. Head to head tiebreaker over Chiefs puts him at 5.


6. Chiefs  (9-7) – Chiefs will lose 2 out of 3 to close but do just enough to get the 2nd wildcard.

PS. Titans (8-8), Dolphins (8-8), Steelers (7-9)