Madden NFL 16 – Confidence Commissioner Tool

EA has announced a “New Commissioner Control for Confidence in Madden 16 CFM”. This is per the video above where Shopmaster quotes EA claim that this new feature will allow commissioners to reset confidence to 50 on teams at any point during the season. Some of the key details mentioned is that players who have 50+ confidence will not be reset to 50 and will be able to maintain their earned confidence.

“The commissioner can boost all players on a given team to 50 at any point in time. It’s not limited to the preseason. Players with conf above 50 keep their current value. It’s like the other commish commands such as clearing cap penalties.”  – EA SPORTS

It is good to see EA is listening and isn’t trusting that they have resolved the confidence issues that plagued many Madden Online Leagues on Madden 15. EA has stated in this previous article CFM DEEP DIVE  that they have made changes to fix the confidence issues. However, giving the commissioners some control over confidence will help alleviate any potential abuse of confidence.

SFL Front Office will certainly make it a key point to analyze how this new control will best serve the league in Madden 16. My initial thoughts is obviously to reset Confidence of all non-playoffs teams prior to Week 1 of the regular season.

Credits to Shopmaster for getting information out to us. Feel free to visit his website: