Week 14 AFC Playoff Preview

A Dash to the playoffs!  Keep in mind I whipped this up real quick, so don’t call me out on any grammar or spelling mistakes! J Thanks


As we approach the final quarter of the season the playoff pictures are starting to shape up.  The AFC is a bit more clear than the NFC.  In the NFC you have about 12 out of the 16 teams who can still have playoff hopes.  In the AFC it’s down to about 8 teams with hope.  This week we will take a closer look at the AFC, and Next week we will take a closer look at the NFC as things clear up.


AFC:      #1 Seed Pitt – Feroz looks to be a lock at the 1 seed as he has a 2 game lead with 4 games remaning.  This week’s divisional matchup with the Bengals is huge for both teams.  If the Bengals can win they pull within one game of the division leader, but a loss basically will have Feroz on the verge of clinching the division.

#2 Seed SD – Conley has experienced 3 losses with the chargers this season, something it took him 3 seasons to do in all of last madden.  Still a force to be reckoned with, he looks like he has the division title wrapped up and looks to keep his winning ways as he tries to earn a 1st round by and keep the Texans and Bills from passing them up.

#3 Seed  Hou-  Houston is trying to keep away from the pesky Titans. A favorable schedule the rest of the way, Houston has the tie breaker over bills and should keep the highest seed in the wildcard round.

#4 Seed Buf – Bills faced a rough early scheduled and limped out the gate.  Now having one a few games in a row the team seems to be playing well.  Just like the Chargers, the bills look to have the division title in their hands.

#5 Seed Cnc-  Barring a late collapse, cincy should have a wildcard in their grasp.  They do have a tough schedule last 4 games, having to play Pitt twice, Browns and Broncos.  If they can sweep the steelers, they will have a chance for that first round bye.  On the other hand if they get swept they open the door for Titans, Broncos and Raiders.

#6 Seed ?? Titans , Raiders, and Broncos All tied and playing for it.  Not sure who has the toughest schedule, but I think titans may have the easiest. Broncos may have the toughest schedule (Buf, SD, Cincy, Oak) with the Raiders having the second toughest schedule as they play SF, KC, Buf and Broncos.  The head to head vs broncos at the end of the season may decide it.  Tennessee may back into the 6th seed as they have NYG, NYJ, JAC and INDY remaining.

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