Week 7 Rolls In

A little home cooking has the Bucs ContendingAP – Week 7 has arrived. Next advance is set for Wednesday evening.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been taking full advantage of their home field advantage so far this season. Their (3-0) home record has ensured a good early start to the season as they head into their bye week. HB. Doug Martin is helping ease the load by carrying the rock for 560 yards. The Bucs are real and Coach Moltz is beginning to establish himself as a prominent division winner in SFL.

Whats going on with the NFC?
Last Week it was mentioned that the NFC was having a lackluster season. But what a difference one week makes with the Vikings, Redskins and Falcons putting a couple of wins together to make that conference more competitive.

The AFC?
As always, there’s a conversation going on that the AFC East is in shambles. It seems that every year the same argument is made. The team leading that division is currently (3-4) and 2 other teams have just 1 win each. This division was foretasted to be one of the most competitive in the league and just like in the past do not be surprised if it produces the AFC’s Superbowl representative when it all comes down.


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