SFL M15 S02 Playoffs Wildcard Previews

SFL – Playoffs are here. Take a look at Redskins Coach Skinner29 preview of the wildcard Round.
Seahawks caught fire at the end of the season to clinch the NFC West. The Buccaneers offense has been as lethal as they come all year. This will be a battle of two teams who both enter the postseason on fire. Homefield advantage will keep the Seahawks in the game for the most part, but the Buccaneers offense is too much to handle. A special day will be needed by that defense if they are going to overcome Moltz high powered offense.
Pick: Buccaneers

This game features one of the top run offenses against one of the top run defenses in the league. After trading Bridgewater to the Giants last year, the Vikings did a remarkable job with their draft. The Vikings QB took a major blow at the end of the season to knock him out of the playoffs. They will need to ride behind mobile backup QB Mauro and McKinnon if they are to have any chance. There has been major trash talk leading up to this game. This will probably be the most watched game of Wildcard Weekend. Fireworks will surely follow this game by both coaches.
Pick: Vikings
This is the third time they have faced off this year. The Steelers have struggled as of late as they brought a new coach in midseason. Still not used to the roster, he has backed into the playoffs. However, once the playoffs start, the regular season doesn’t matter. Coach Bizzy has gone to backup Derek Anderson as of late, limiting the turnovers and bettering the offense. Bizzy boasts a potent running attack, while Steelers have an amazing run D. Bengals will have to make some plays with QB Anderson in order to win this one.
Pick: Steelers
Yet another division game where these two teams will face off for the third time. The Dolphins sealed their playoff ticket by defeating Buffalo in a blizzard in Week 17. Nado has the Dolphins offense rolling, led behind WR Wallace and rookie WR Powers. This might be the best 1-2 punch at WR in the league. Nado will have to have his passing game going to defeat the Bills, as they have one of the worst passing D’s in the league. The biggest factor for this game will be CJ Spiller. If he has a big game, Bills will win this one at home.
Pick: Bills
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