SFL Rolls Into Week 7

SFL Sports – The league has arrived to week 7. We’re almost half-way thru the season and we have the usual suspects representing the elite teams in the NFC.

The Seachikens (Seahawks) led by 5 time SFL Champ Bigblessing1400 are off to a rowdy (7-0) start.  That boy Earl Thomas has 15 interceptions in 7 games. Will opponents adjust? Don’t throw it, don’t do it. Don’t you dear do it.

Another usual suspect from the NFC, the New York Giants are off to a 5-1 start. The G-men have the best rushing defense in the league and the #2 overall defense in the league. Put that with that dynamic offense and 5-1 happens.

In the AFC, things are much more different. Newcomers have been a revelation and have dominated the Conference in the early going. The Chiefs landed star MLB. Patrick Willis and look like a Superbowl contender with a (6-0) record.

We’ve got one more AFC West team making noise, the Broncos are off to a 5-1 start. The Peyton Manning/Johnson combo is proving to be too much to handle. A lot of grumbling went on when the GM decided to send star LB. Von Miller packing but winning makes everything go away.

Honorable mentions:

Jaguars (4-1)  Coach fro5tbyte9 has the Jaguars contending for the 1st time since Coach L1l B had them swinging for the fences a few years back.

Bengals (5-1) Coach Kakashi614 is a veteran who knows how to build teams. Wise deals and clutch plays have him atop his division.

Bears (4-1) Coach Dragon believes he’s under the radar. Unfortunately, that’s not the case Cutler is on everybody’s radar.

Packers (5-2) This team is unrecognizable. Newton is just one of the fresh faces wearing a cheesehead and it’s working.

Cardinals (5-2) Many thought the Cards would just occupy the seller in the NFC West. Surprise team of the NFC.

Vikings (4-3) Coach Kdog’s westcoast scheme is turning out victories for the city of Minnesota. Can the defense play good enough to continue this good run?

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