SFL Raiders Coach upbeat

SFL Sports– Coach N4DO was one of the most sought after coaches this offseason. However, to the surprise of many around the league he was one of the last teams appointed to lead a team in SFL.
Rumors had him accepting the Bungles job just weeks after the Superbowl but Cinci decided to hire Coach Kakashi who was leaving his Miami Dolphins post. But there were still plenty of takers; what owner wouldn’t receive with open arms a former Superbowl Champion? In the end, Coach N4DO admits to having offers from the Bills, Browns, Jaguars and Panthers. But decided to take his talents to California and win….not one, not two, not three, maybe 4 division titles…!
Coach admitted that the joke has ran it’s course but he had to try it. When asked why he picked Oakland. He also admitted that the Raiders just had the better looking cheerleaders and was quoted saying; “It’s great motivation for the guys. I mean just take a look seeing those jump every time you make a great play makes you want to pull a highlight every play.
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