SFL Playoffs start Friday!!

SFL Sports – Anyways now to focus on the good stuff about the league.


There’s only 2 , 32 team leagues that I know of that are ahead of us in terms of how far they’re into their CCM seasons. They’re PS3 leagues, I’m excited to get to season 3. But who will win the Superbowl this season?



One of these guys?




This time last season the NFC already had its 6 playoffs team settled. This time the 49ers decided to shake and bake the NFC. The Falcons/49ers/Rams are fighting for their playoffs lives.


The AFC this time is a tad bit clearer with only 2 teams fighting out for the last spot. Texans/Raiders are separated by just one game but Houston has an easy closing and should win out. For the Raiders its simple, a loss this week sees them fall out of contention since the Texans will have a far better conference record in case the two teams finish with the same record.


Will the AFC put a challenger this season? The past 2 SFL champions have come from the NFC. We need lilblessing back to give the AFC a proud winner again.



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marknordstrom23 – SFL Packers PFL Vikings: The Packers DUH


Mrscarfacex – SFL Texans PFL Falcons: when u playing the chiefs?
I7Iornado: tonite

m.mcdonald1990 – SFL Eagles: Take him. I need a challenge in the superbowl