SFL Madden 13 Season kicks off at midnite!

SFL Sports – It’s that time of the year. Pre-Season is just about over; teams are making their final preparations hoping this will be their year. The league is geared and ready for another successful run as a madden online franchise.

The league is still adjusting to the changes. Connected Career has brought a new kind of strategy to team building that madden players have not seen since the Madden PC days. The salary cap and the cap penalties have thrown a wrench on the plans of just about every team on the league. A few teams have taken the high road and made their moves and have taken on a colossal amount of cap penalties. Will it pay off? Only time well time if their 25 million plus in cap penalties does them good in the off-season.

In any case, here we are! Only 4 hours 30 minutes away from kickoff!!! The clear early favorites to come out of the AFC and NFC are fairly obvious.
The Patriots lead by mighty bomber has always been one of SFL’s most skillful players and having the loaded Patriots will do him some good. While the Houston Texans lead by veteran Mrscarfacex have an outstanding defense combined with a deadly Arian Foster and Andre Johnson combo.

The NFC has the defending SFL Coach Champion Bigblessing. Will he take his 5th different team to a title? The Seachickens got themselves together quite nicely in the off-season. However, the New York Giants may have a thing or two to say about who comes out of the NFC. Veteran Coach Rod has a SFL Superbowl Championship under his belt and Eli Manning has finally been respected attributes wise by the game developers.

SFL’s season kicks off at midnight guys! I want to see highlights uploaded for every game. May the madden gods bless your seasons!