Season Procedures: Free Agency

SFL Sports – First of all, All SFL members please be sure to revisit the league rules page before playing your week 1 games.  Make sure your roster meet SFL’s roster requirement. The league will continue to enforce the same roster policy that has been employed the past 3 years of madden.
Please be respectful of your opponents. If problems arise, reach out the Co-Commissioners, make a formal complaint and let us handle the issue. Problems are resolved over time so settle down and respect our verdict. Bad members will be weeded out the league.

Do not sign any free agents prior to your league games. Everyone will have a chance to sign 1 free agent after their weekly game is played. If you need to fill a depth chart void due to injury, you’re allowed to sign anyone under 62 overall from free agency. If no one’s available speak with one of the commissioners about a possible solution.
As always, good luck on your games. Please play them on a timely manner or be prepared to be removed. Everyone who agreed to join SFL has agreed to follow the league’s rules and is subject to removal if not followed.
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