SFL Sports – All league members, veterans and rooks must respect the work and time put by everyone into having a successful league.
Every now and then one of your fellow members will be unable to play their game. Life happens and the only thing left for the rest of us to do at that point is to be respectful.
This gesture towards your fellow members does not come just from saying good game after the game is over. It shows in the game being played when you choose to not run up the score, when you’re up 24 pts in the 4th Quarter and you run the ball on 3rd down knowing that the game is over.  Some of us take it an extra step further and even allow ourselves to get tackled if we break a long run or run out of bounds.

Another issue; do not pad your stats vs the computer. Anyone found guilty of padding stats for a player vs the computer will be suspended 1 game. No exceptions. Do not waste your time trying to argue otherwise because you might just end up getting removed from this league. When you joined SFL you agreed to adhere by the rules of the league. This isn’t just some trash league you happen to run into while visiting a madden lobby. It’s the real deal, now treat it like it!
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