Pre-Season – AFC East

SFL Sports –  Season 2 is just hours away. We are all gearing up to make another run for the playoffs and see how our rookies pan out.

Who will be the surprise of this season? Can the Packers be the first SFL Champion to repeat? All these questions will surely be answered in the coming month as the league continues its run for madden 13.

In any case, let’s analyze the AFC and see what the immediate future tells us about the possible candidates to win their division.

The AFC East last season was seen as the worst division in the league. All the teams in this division struggled just to stay above 500 in the regular season. In the end, this division produced the Superbowl bound  Bills who trashed 2 divisional winners and a potent Broncos team on their way to the Superbowl. Fortunately, for this division Coach Icon has since departed and taken his services to the Carolina Panthers making the NFC even stronger.

So who will win this division now that the Bills Coach has moved?

The obvious answer here would be the re-tooled New York Jets and Coach Amefikac. This team went through a major over-haul as it traded away star Cornerbacks Darrel Revis and Antonio Cromartie. Those were not the only two players to get the axe as Tim Tebow was also relieved from his services.

In exchange for some of those players, the Jets welcomed pass rusher Mario Williams from the Raiders and star Linebacker Aldon Smith from the 49ers. On paper, New York has one of the best front 7’s in football but I just do not see the defensive backs holding up vs a very heavily talented WR league.

They say, sometimes the best move is the one you don’t make. The Miami Dolphins are hoping that holds true for them this upcoming season. It’s believed that the Dolphins are just one of three teams not to make a trade this off-season. Coach Nano chose to rebuild through the draft and added speedster WR. Jonathan Louis along with Linebacker Brent Swanson. Those were the headliner moves for the Miami Dolphins who seem to be trusting on their youth progression to make the biggest impact in their season.

The dark horse of the AFC this season may just be the Patriots. This fan base has been clamoring for a dedicated owner. Coach Skinner was appointed head coach at season’s end and quickly start molding the team to fit his scheme. Brady lost one of his favorites weapons in TE. Hernandez but gained much needed speed on offense in WR. Moore and HB. CJ Spiller. This offense is as explosive as ever as the Pats do indeed still have Mr. Welker and Gronkowski to entertain the fans. On the other side, the Patriots defense isn’t as impressive. The additions of LB. Curry and CB. Greer are improvements but don’t expect this defense to be top 10 in the league.

It seems like the Patriots are meant to take this division. Just too much firepower on offense but I expect this division to go down the wire just like last season.

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