Pre-Season – AFC North

SFL Sports – As we enter the final phase of the 2012 offseason, it’s time to look back the moves that have been made so far and how they will affect teams during the “on-season.”

Bengals: They certainly made a huge splash in the offseason.  After losing their INT leader (CB T.Newman) to retirement, Coach Nakata decided to rebuild his defense. WR Britt was traded to the Browns for CB Haden.  Starting CB Hall & MLB Maualuga got shipped to Cowboys for OLB D.Ware. The Bengals then acquire  MLB. Urlacher from the Bears and won the Free Agent bidding for  CB Cox & CB Porter. On Draft Day the Bengals drafted MLB Q.Williams and CB Hampton, both rookie look promising and is already fighting for PT.

Can the Bengals stay competitive this 2013 season. Stay tuned…..

The Browns also made huge transaction during the offseason as well. Even though they traded within the division rivalry. They have improve both sides of the field. Acquiring WR Britt was huge a move and a huge upgrade. Browns then traded with the 49ers for CB Rogers (solid CB) to replace CB Haden and the addition of DT Peko  & OLB Lawson is a solid upgrade .
Look out AFC North the Browns may have more to offer the next time you face them.
The Ravens were one of the quiet teams during the offseason due to the cap room issue. They manage to keep their star player for the 2013 season and drafted a solid Guard T. Mattocks to help out the run game. The one-two combination of HB Rice & HB Jackson is quite deadly and their Defense remains solid with DE Ngata, OLB Sugg & FS Reed .  They also added, rookie star FS. Dyer.
The Steelers was another one of the quiet teams during the offseason as well similar issue like the Ravens. Steelers managed to resign HB Mendenhall and add CB Mckelvin from Free Agent that will help the team. They also drafted CB Alexander, SS Virgil & DT Lindley all  look to contribute to the team in the near future.
Coach Lando look forward to claim the division title again in 2013 season. Steelers week 1 matchup will be against the new and improved Browns.  Are you ready for some football?
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