League Chatter Week 12

SFL Sports – The league continues to advance at a steady pace. We’re now just 5 weeks away from the playoffs. Some divisions seem to lack the competitive spirit but others seem poised to go down the wire.

In the AFC, the West is getting hot and heavy with the Chiefs/Broncos tied for the lead at 8-2. The Raiders are on a 4 game winning streak and have picked up some ground. This division will send 2 teams to the playoffs this season. One will end up out despite having a winning record.

The AFC North may get decided these next 2 weeks. At the moment the (7-3) Steelers are leading the Brownies 35-3 in the 3rd quarter and seem set to score that 8th victory of the season. They still have to play the CPU Glitched Chargers which would put the Steel Curtain at 9 wins for the season. If the Bungles fail to win this week, it will knock them back to (5-6) and essentially put them 3 games behind on the division. It’s entirely possible that Cincy could win out as their closing schedule is much more weaker but the Steelers are hot.

The AFC South is heading south. Yes folks, the Jaguars got off to a hot start at the beginning of the season but they’re just 1-3 in their last 4 games. The team chasing the Jaguars are the Houston Texans who can’t seem to find their identity this season. Who will win this division? I’m going on a limb and say the Titans will come out on top. Don’t quote me on it though.

The AFC East? The laughing stock of SFL. What happened to the days where this division was looked upon as the cream of the crop? Somebody has to win the division and at this moment the (5-5) Bills are winning it. The Jets are roaring back but can they keep winning? Time will tell.

The NFC is home to the league’s top 2 teams. Throughout the years, it seems this conference always gets dealt with the elite Coaches of the league and this year is no different.

NFC East was decided in week 1 when the Giants stepped into the field. Really? Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins have been as bad as it gets in the NFC. These teams have been looking forward to next season from the get go.

The NFC West is perhaps the best division in SFL. Understandably so, the league’s best team resides in this division. The Seachickens are still undefeated!!! They escaped this week vs the Miami Dolphins. This wasn’t a surprise, Coach N4no has always given Coach Bigblessing a tough time and it sounds like he could not close the deal again. Next up for the Seahawks are the (9-2) Bears.

Enough of the chickens. The NFC West also has a former SFL Champion in Coach Keyser. The Rams have stormed back to a (7-4) record with a 4 game winning streak. Look out, this team will only get better with experience and this could be just the tip of the iceberg for St. Louis. On another note, the Cardinals offense has fallen of the face of this earth. After such an impressive start; the offense’s no catch zone has led them to 3 consecutive losses. Stop the bleeding now or the Rams may never look back.

The NFC North is turning out one hell of a fight for the division. The Bears are (9-2) and the Packers are (8-2). This division is home to probably the 2 best interception defenses in the league. Both teams cause turnovers but unfortunately, the cheeseheads have a much weaker schedule to close the season. Expect them to edge out the Bears for the division title. Then again, this is SFL where Bears 51 vs Vikings 66 happens!

Last but not least, the NFC South has Coach Stompy and Feroz going for the division.  The Falcons (8-3) and the Panthers ((7-4) meet again in week 14. If the Panthers wish to take this division they must win the game and hope for some help down the wire. Panthers closing schedule is much tougher than the Falcons.

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