SFL Superbowl Champions: The Bay Edition

Coach Tite Pulls 1st SFL Title

Coach Tite Pulls 1st SFL Title

 SFL AP – It’s about time our frontpage had a different headline. What better than giving some props to the 49ers who have finally brought a SFL Title to the Bay Area.


Coach Tite aka Joecamel7 is one of SFL’s old dogs who’s long history in the league had a piece of silverware missing. Divisional Titles? Sure. Conference Titles? Sure. However, that long sought SFL Superbowl Title evaded him for many years and failed the 3 previous times his team reached that pivotal game. Continue reading

Temporary Step Away From The Field

BeastMode Will Be Back

SFL AP – Hello SFL, this may come as a surprise to most of you. As the title states, due to life constrictions I will be taking a break from the gridiron for the remainder of this madden 17.

However, I will continue to serve as SFL’s commissioner and continue to take part in rulings, scheduling, etc. Nothing will change in that regards.

SFL has a very strong foundation, thanks to its members and our Admins: Rod, Tite, Conley, Mark, Buddha will continue to forge forward maintaining SFL core set of values that has made it successful.

Please continue to play your games, stay active and good luck on the field!

#SFL #PlayByTheCode

SFL – Aaron Rodgers Falls Short

Packers (Suspect) Could Not Repeat

Packers (Suspect) Could Not Repeat

SFL AP – The Green Bay Packers and Coach Suspect had been riding high for the better part of two seasons and a tourny. However, all of that came to past on SFL Superbowl XXXIII.

Star QB. Aaron Rodgers threw 4 Interceptions and 0 TDs on a night where rookie HB. Nevis struggled to just 44 yards, 1 TD in 16 carries.

Shortly after the Superbowl Arod was dealt to the Broncos as the Packers were not afraid to move on just as they had in the past moved on from QB. Bret Favre.

Suspect is now 2-2 in SFL Superbowls.

SFL – Superbowl XXXIII Champions

Conley Wins SFL Superbowl XXXIII

Conley Wins SFL Superbowl XXXIII

SFL AP – Titans (Conley) defeated the Packers (Suspect) on SFL Superbowl XXXIII by a score of 23-13.

Conley has reached an impressive 10 SFL Superbowl appearances but was still not the favorite to win SB33, as his opponent, (Suspect) had been running the show in SFL since the migration to Madden 17.

Suspect had won the yearly inaugural SFL Tourny and Superbowl XXXII prior to succumbing at the hands of the Titans. However, Titans (conley) was on a roll all season as his only (L) of the season came at the hands of a sim. Nonetheless, the Titans ignored all the noise of playing in the weaker Conference and rode HB. Henry to Coach Conley’s 5 SFL Superbowl Title.

Watch The Game here: