Madden NFL 17 – Franchise – Additions and Community

SFL AP – Injuries will have a more vivid role in franchises. Coaches will now have the option to play players through injuries or sit them allowing them to heal back to 100%. However, if played through injuries, they’re likelier to pick up a more severe injury.

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Madden NFL 17 – Franchise Game Planning

SFL AP – Game planning if available for online franchises will be very useful and will help possibly locate those players that do not mix their play calls.

However, the XP boosts that be applied pre-game to certain offensive or defensive groups sounds a bit too arcadish. As always I wish EA would also introduce options for the Commissioner to control certain features of the game and the online franchise.

Here’s EA’s article w/detailed information.



Know your opponent’s tendencies every week then pick the right drills to attack and counter those tendencies in game.  This new level of strategy delivers more variety and more fun when preparing for your next opponent, whether it’s a user or the CPU.  Once you’re in game, expect to see a team boost for those plays you practiced helping you earn that critical score or a defensive stand to secure the win.


Choosing Your Gameplans

Each week you will choose an Offensive and Defensive gameplan.  The initial gameplan is determined based on your opponent’s tendencies, but you can switch to a different one when you see fit.  Each gameplan is associated with an in-game drill that will teach you how to succeed and then based on your performance will give you a gold, silver, or bronze medal.  The medal determines how many experience points (XP) and in-game boosts your players will have for that week.

Each gameplan will give XP to two position groups.  For example, many passing gameplans benefit your QB and WR groups while many rushing gameplans benefit your HB and OL groups.

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Madden NFL 17 Gameplay Deep Dive – Ball Carrier Special Moves

SFL AP – Take a look at how Madden 17 running game is being revamped.

Posted May 18th at 6:00pm.

Running the ball is one of the most common things you do in Madden whether returning a kick, getting yards after a catch or simply taking the handoff.  It can also be one of the most rewarding aspects of the game when you leave a defender in the dust with a perfectly timed special move. So we set out to give new creative controls for all levels of Madden players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Let’s start with Special moves.

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Madden 17 Gameplay Deep Dive – Defensive Gaps and Run Fits

SFL AP – EA has released another article detailing some of the new features and play art that will help players understand the new “gap” assignments being instituted for Madden 17.

An interesting feature being added for Madden 17 is the “Defensive Auto-Flip Feature”, which will automatically flip your defense to match the offensive personnel on the field.

The feature is far from ground-breaking as players were capable of doing this on the current madden but it was not automatized and should help the less talented players. It’s also important to note that this feature can be turned off in the game options. For more in-depth details continue reading the EA following EA article.

The article also explains how Alignments will work depending on defensive and the offensive formation it faces.

Written By Clint Oldenburg

Defensive AI has gotten a complete reboot in Madden 17 for both run defense and pass defense.  Not only has the coverage gotten an overhaul, but for the first time in Madden history, the defense will have a Defensive Gap control system that makes defending the run more engaging and authentic.

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